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Ayurvedic Nephrologist Program

We want to make Ayurvedic doctors Ayurvedic Nephrologists so that kidney patients in India can be protected and millions of kidney patients who die every year can be saved with proper treatment, and kidney nephrologist's earnings can also increase manifold. In this program, we are connecting Ayurvedic doctors from all the cities of the country with us and giving them a big opportunity.

Why is the Program Important?

There are more than 170 million patients of kidney and urinary diseases in India, with four to six lakh new cases being reported every year. But talking about its treatment, there is no successful treatment in allopathy. To say that kidney patients are saved from dialysis and transplant, but after some time it also takes patients on the path of death. If there is any successful kidney treatment, then it is BK Arogyam & Research Pvt. Ltd. is in. This institute is treating kidney and urinary diseases since last 20 years and has provided healthy life to more than one lakh kidney patients by regenerating their kidneys. Here the treatment, therapy, and the ongoing dialysis are stopped and the condition of the transplant does not come. We have been treating kidney patients coming from every corner of India for years, apart from this, a large number of kidney patients are getting healthy with our medicines in more than 60 countries of the world.

The main reason behind starting the program

Every year more than 95 percent of kidney patients lose their lives due to lack of proper treatment. Due to the large distance, even knowing about BK Arogyam, people are either not able to reach or even if they come two or four times, they are not able to continue it due to the problems of coming. The third important reason is that along with medicines, the essential food and lifestyle regimens that are told from here, they go there and stop after a few days, due to which the problems start again. In such a situation, BK Arogyam decided that now we have to reach more medicines to the patients themselves and save lives by taking care and treatment.

what will we do for this

For this, we are connecting Ayurvedic doctors in all the cities of the country, we are training them, providing them system support and medicines, as well as making nephro experts so that they can treat any kidney patient easily. .

The kidney specialist doctors who join us have their own practice not affected in any way. Rather, they get a large number of patients, as well as the earning of money also increases manifold.

We all know that in today's time, everyone wants to get treatment from experts, and we make you expert, which helps doctors to get better in OPD.

We share our 20 years of experience on kidney, which leads to the expertise of doctors.

In this, doctors get full support from our side. Which makes them easier and better to work in any situation.

Three steps to join

  • Register Login
  • Basic Training
  • Material, guide-line and start work

Four ways for doctors to earn

Refer the critical patient

You can directly refer the critical patient of kidney to us. You get (150-15) thousand rupees on referring a patient.

Ayurvedic Nephrologist

Join us to become an Ayurvedic Nephrologist and earn lakhs of rupees.

Earn Big Income

You can make a chain of doctors in future by joining us and earn big income.

Decent Income

You can maintain the supply chain of your area with us and earn a decent income.

About BK Arogyam

BK Arogyam & Research Pvt. Ltd. India's most trusted Ayurveda company. Which is working in the field of Ayurveda medicine and research since last 41 years. Over the years, BK Arogyam has not only successfully manufactured medicines ranging from fever to cancer, but has also treated more than five lakh patients with the best medicine. There is a large team of scientists, production of herbs in the farmhouse, pharmacy, laboratory as well as patents of more than 200 medicines. The institute has its own world class hospitals, team of more than 300 doctors, OPD, IPD...Read More →