Ayurveda- Knowledge of living

Ayurveda is the most ancient Medical Science originated 5000 years ago in India and Ayurveda is taking the world by the storm because it cure diseases from the root cause and is able to give permanent solutions.   

It is vital to care for the outside as much as you care for inside. When it comes to health and being well, we only focus to keep our heart healthy, mental health and digestion but when it comes to upkeep the skin we drop our priorities. Skin care is as important as the rest of the body.  

India is the birthplace of Ayurveda. In practices of Ayurveda, healing is based on the body doshas or type. The primary doshas are a variety of emotional, psychological, and physical qualities of a person that are vata, pitta and kapha. Ayurveda has natural treatment, therapies, and procedures with herbal and organic medicines. These techniques heal the body without leaving any side effects on any other vital organs.  

Our face and body is window to our soul and skin is the window to our health. The natural glow reflects our skin. If you are facing any dryness or cracked skin for oily skin throughout the day then there are chances that your skin is suffering from illness. If you experience skin irritations, or inflammation, or acne from a long time, or blemishes. There are chances that your skin might be suffering from itching sensation, eczema, acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, or any other protective skin condition then Ayurveda can help you recognize these undesired skin issues and overcome it. You need to take some skin care treatment on medicines to give that natural glow and health to your skin.  

Healthy skin - the glow of good health 

Only Ayurveda is the source through which can become healthy and regain its original and natural glow. Ayurvedic skin care treatments and medicines eliminate, detoxifies, and cleanse from Inside Out.  

Beautiful and healthy skin is not just a Cosmetic achievement. Only ancient Ayurveda can help you regain your natural glow as the Hallmark of your good skin and health. In Ayurveda, our first step is to identify your skin type because it is very important to make the treatment and medication personalized according to your skin type to get the best outcome. Ayurveda depends on each person's unique doshas balance and potential treatment are then customize to make the counter balance of skin issues and provide the
skin with the natural detox. The skincare problems nature gives clues to the doshas that is involved in it.

Ayurvedic skin care treatment has herbal ingredients that nourishes the tissues and penetrates deep in the skin to soothe and reduce the inflammation. The Ayurvedic medicine of skin care package has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that supports can help and improve the radiance. These Ayurvedic skin care packages we also include some therapies such as Abhyagana and skin massage that are helpful in eliminating the toxins and ensure the proper natural glow and health of the skin. Our treatments are very much
customized and involve many lifestyle changes such as maintaining proper hydration, a balanced diet eating schedule, exercise, yoga, meditation to make the doshas balance.