Historically, copper was the first element known to mankind. When water is stored in copper bottles or vessels, it releases some ions in the water through a process known as Oligodynamic effect. Copper has anti-inflammatory, antioxidantary, anti-microbial and anti
carcinogenic properties. This assist in the manufacturing of hemoglobin in the body and unfortunately our human body is unable to create the trace amounts of copper insufficient amount to keep the human healthy. With the presence of copper in human body through drinking water in copper vessel we can get amazing health benefits-

Balances hypertension- 

Copper is known for its abilities of reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the body which helps in balancing the hypertension. If there is copper deficiency set on since childhood then obviously it will lead to the development of high potential in future. So
having right amount of copper in body is important for the regulation of blood pressure.

Prevents Anaemia- 

Copper significantly help the body in breaking down the food and in the manufacturing of hemoglobin. It also helps the body in absorbing iron, deficiency of which causes anaemia. If there is deficiency of copper also in human body then it will lead to rare disorders such as in production of low white blood cells. 

Assist in digestion- 

Since ages, medical science considered that copper is best for killing germs in the abdomen. We drink the water kept in copper vessel for at least 8 hours it will help in detoxification and cleansing the stomach. Is also has properties which stimulate expansion and contraction of stomach lining which results in reducing the inflammation and assist and
better digestion. Besides, it is a remedy for different disorders related to abdomen, stomach infection and ingestion.

Facilitate cardiovascular system- 

Copper is known for cleaning plague and dilating the blood vessels which will increase the blood flow to the heart. It also improves the deficiency of heart muscles that may lead to insufficient pumping of blood and impaired circulation of blood in the body. 

Enhances brain efficiency-  

Human body interacts with brain through electrical impulses and copper help the cells in communicating with each other in better way and carrying out these impulses to the brain for the work much effectively.  

Weight loss-  

Copper place an extremely important role in resolving the excess fat that is deposited in the human body and helps in reducing weight and obesity. It helps in fat burning even when the individual is resting. 

Control ageing- 

Copper is also known for its beautifying agents that help in controlling agency effects on the skin. Copper is not only and antioxidant but also it facilitates the cell regeneration which reduces the harmful effects of reagents on human skin. 

Negatives infection copper is a natural antibiotic. Water is stored in copper vessel for more than 8 hours it makes it free of any microbial. It is effective against fighting many infections. 

Cross inflamed joints and arthritis- 

Copper is known for its and inflammatory properties which helps the patient in providing relief from Arthritis or inflamed joint. Besides, copper also have strengthening properties which make it perfect for curing any kind of joint pain.