Ayurveda is the most ancient Medical Science originated 5000 years ago in India and Ayurveda is taking the world by the storm because it cures diseases of the root cause and can give permanent solutions. A combination of mind, body, senses, soul, and Ayurveda is the knowledge of life, the science of life, and essential for humans. 

Ayurveda is a choice of lifestyle but we should adopt this Ayurveda lifestyle because it will bring a wave of well being to our daily life. By implementing exercises having an active Lifestyle having adequate exposure to sunlight taking appropriate treatments and emotional Goodwill of body and mind will help in cleansing the body, mind, and spirit and this can
only be achievable by adopting an Ayurveda lifestyle. It focuses and works in perfect harmony with herbal medicines so it is important to have a practice of adopting Ayurveda lifestyle on a daily basis. 

To maintain and adopt an Ayurveda lifestyle, BK Arogyam can help you do so. Mission Arogyam is initiated by BK Arogyam that is operating successfully from the last 41 years. The main aim of BK Arogyam is to provide Health Services treatment and medication to people suffering from different kinds of severe diseases and make them live their life to the fullest. 

To be an expert advisor you need to build a strong network of yours and to build a strong network you need to follow some points- 

· List making and selection 

· Prospecting 

· Approaching & Invitation 

· Show the Plan 

· Follow Through & Sales Closing 

· Getting Them Started 

· Training 

List-making and selection- 

These are vital for direct selling because the advisor needs to understand who he is required to increase the network with to get clients or consumers and because if it is not then it will not save time, money, and energy. 

When you start building your network, you should start meeting more and more people. You can start talking to strangers politely and cooperatively. A strong online presence is important for building a strong direct selling because that allows you to build your brand equity among consumers and customers and increase your client it will gain you the credibility that you need to attract your customers along with making your business assessable also online presence give the customers or consumers and easy way to find out what you have to offer them. 


Prospecting in direct selling is something that you decide to do and succeed at. Strong prospecting will result to bring your desire for direct selling success. Prospecting is an important part of direct selling because it develops a pipeline of potential customers available. It helps you focus on the right accounts for marketing. 

Hot, Warm & Cold- the first step of prospecting will be to identify how much data of yours is hot, warm, or cold. Here hot data means the data that can be easily added to the network zone and warm data means the data that takes slightly more time than hot data to add-in
network zone and cold data mean the data that can be difficult to be added in the network zone.  

Approaching & Invitation 

Approaching and inviting plays a vital role in the direct selling business. Always remember when you are approaching or inviting the prospect they should feel that you are allowing them to change their life. They should never feel that you need them. You can approach them online or in-person or through any other medium also. 

Invite Hot, and then warm at the End Cold Ones - Invite hot at first, then warm and at the end cold ones. This is the key mantra of direct selling. Always remember this because hot have a tendency to quickly convert, but warm will take some time and cold ones are most difficult to convert. 

Show the plan- 

When showing a plan for direct selling firstly you need to arrange your meeting online. It is very important for every advisor to convert their meeting on online platforms to have a smooth running of network management or marketing. When you are going to show the plan to your new distributors you need to dress up nicely, preferably smart casuals, be on time, greet everyone, and don't forget the golden rule "keep it simple". 

Follow Through & Sales Closing- 

The exact meaning of follow-through is the act of continuing work to completion to its natural end. Sales closing is not the proper way when you want to your business on a repeat process. So it is important when you are closing sales you always follow through. 

When you're doing follow up of your customers, shift the follow-up to online. You can use video calls such as on WhatsApp or Facebook, etc and you can make it smoothly run online. 

Get Them Started- 

After doing every planning and showing them about your plans, you can make them start work. Once you have organized everything and designed all the required tools than you can start distributing tools to distributors.
It is important for the leaders to just not inform them but to share all the vital knowledge of the planning of network management. Also, to take reporting and feedback from the group, if they have absorbed the right information in the right way or not. 


Training is important for every marketing and network business. Network building is not an easy task and the most difficult task in this process is training your distributors. Training programs help improving the knowledge, and skills of distributors to match the various changes in the industry. This training will give improvements that will positively affect the productivity of the distributors, and increase the sales, and conversion rates, and it will increase the efficiency and profit of organization or business. Training will be successful if you can deliver them online in content like in power-point presentations, pdfs, videos, info-graphics, etc.