Before understanding how the advisors can build their network, we need to understand
what a network is. The network is a pyramid structure of people who sells the product or service of the business. They can be either your peer group i.e. friends or relatives, colleagues, a relative of relatives, etc. 

In this advisor marketing rather than selling the product to stores, the advisors or executives sell the product directly to the consumer who needs it at fair prices.  

5 things to be a better advisor in Mission Arogyam program- 


List making and building are vital for marketing because the advisor needs to understand whom he requires to increase the network with to get consumers and because if it is not done then it will not save time, money, and energy. 


FRIENDS (F):- they firstly contact with their friends. 

 RELATIVES (R):- they will focus on their relatives.  

 INSTITUTE (I):- then they will contact with local institutes.  

 EDUCATION (E):- It means their schools, colleges, from they had captured an education.  

 NEIGHBORHOODS (N):- next they will contact with their neighbors. 

 DOCTORS (D):- Next they will contact their relative doctors.  

 STRANGER (S):- last but not least they will contact strangers.  


The next step is that they have to create a list of contact numbers for smooth work. The
list they will create are friends, relatives, institute, education, neighbors, doctors, strangers, etc. 

After this, you need to make a proper way to contact them and invite them either digitally or in-person, but this time due to COVID-19 –pandemic breakout, if possible try to create everything online. 


When you start building your network in this advisor program, you should start meeting more and more people either online and offline. You can start talking to strangers politely and cooperatively. You should start attending online seminars to increase your network. 

A strong online presence is important in becoming a better advisor because this will
allow having interaction with people even in this pandemic. Also, online presence gives the customers or consumers and an easy way to find out what you have to offer them. Increasing your social media presence will always be giving a gentle reminder to your clients about your business.  

By regularly updating the right social media marketing strategy will help you in enhancing your advisor program and give you the potential clients and your clients will have satisfaction even more.  

Contacting and inviting plays a vital role in the advisor marketing business. Always
remember when you are contacting or inviting the prospect they should feel that you are allowing them to change their life. They should never feel that you need them. You can approach them online or in-person or through any other medium also. 


When showing a plan for network marketing firstly you need to arrange your meeting
other in the form of one-to-one or group meetings to show them your business plan. You need to shift your one to one meeting to online platforms either on WhatsApp, Skype, or zoom platforms. If you arrange group meetings then also you need to arrange it online either on webinars, or zoom, or Google Hangouts, or Google meets, or Facebook Live or Instagram Live, or webinar joins me, etc.  

It is very important for every advisor to convert their meeting on online platforms to have a smooth running of this program. When you are going to show the plan to your new distributors you need to dress up nicely, preferably smart casuals, be on time, greet everyone, and don't forget the golden rule "keep it simple". 


When building the team, don't forget to educate them regarding your plan for thisyou can use videos, testimonials, online tools, webinars, etc. 

Video provides all relevant information because it uses all three majors screen of unders tanding like visual, vocal, and verbal. YouTube is trending these days. It is best for explaining something to anyone. Testimonial can be a significant tool for promotion. Always prepare a testimonial of your satisfied clients. This gives enlighten the minds and vision of other clients as well as distributors that the product or service they are joining in-network is trust-worthy and applied. If running a business or an organization you must be having several tools such as maintaining a Webinar, face-time, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp-broadcasting, etc. So use more and more online tools and give training of these tools to your network and try to get everything online because this is a more effective, efficient way and saves time, energy, and money. 

Webinars are effective online engagement event where a speaker or small group of
speakers who deliver a presentation to the large number of audience who can participate by submitting their questions or responding and using other available interactive online tools.  

Once you will shift your entire training program online it will give you several benefits to your advisor program as it will be flexible, it will give you more mobility, and it will be easy on pockets. Online training is easy and providingtraining to every distributor in person will be costly. Through online you can provide training to a large number of people at the same time, this will increase progress reporting, it will be accessible easily, and information
retention will increase effectively. 


The exact meaning of follow-through is the act of continuing work to completion to its natural end. Follow up is the most important part of any marketing or
networking program because this will either make or break your program. Follow up
is important and for this, you can include some tools either it is online tools or any other machine tool because they work 24/7, no human can work without resting but yes machine and tools can it is important to include the best use of tools in advisor marketing to increase the speed of the process and to reduce the efforts. Example- Webinar, WebX, google-meet, Face-time, etc. 

When you're doing follow up of your customers, shift the follow-up to online. You can use video calls such as on WhatsApp or Facebook, etc and you can make it smoothly run online.