Mission Arogyam is initiated by BK Arogyam that is operating successfully from the last 41 years. The main aim of BK Arogyam is to provide Health Services treatment and medication to people suffering from different kinds of severe diseases and make them live their life
to the fullest. We want to make treatments and medication so much cheap that even a farmer or a person of a low economic sector can have it. The patients that have lost their hopes of treatment from all other allopathic treatments, they got inspiration from us and we have treated them successfully. 

By extending our ambition launched Mission Arogyam to provide health and wealth to the people who want to live a happy, healthy, and wealthy life in terms of Ayurveda. 

Why choose Mission Argyam plans-?

Mission Arogyam plan is unique from all other plans because our aim is not only to increase the company's income through direct selling and network marketing but we are doing our social duty so that we can spread the rays of Ayurveda to everyone so that they can treat
their severe diseases and it from reoccurring taking preventive measures as well as we want to fulfill the dreams of people who join us through this program. 

Reasons to join us- 

· We are attached to the health sector and if you join us, you will get the Nobel opportunity to join this Nobel health sector.  

· You will get an opportunity to work with prominent, successful, and ancient organization. 

· Our plans are not tangled like all other organizations.  

· Our income strategy is advisor based so that you can earn most of the part that is earned by you. 

· We provide you with 5 level income plan so that your opportunities for getting successful increases whereas other organizations' levels of success are very huge.  

· We have generated 12 kinds of income to secure the present and future of our Advisors that are direct income, passive income, tour fund, car fund, royalty income home fund, education fund. Other organizations have not created these kinds of funds. 

12 unique points make us different from others:-  

1. This is the only organization in India that produces not only curative but also preventive
medicines. These medicines not only cure the disease but also help in preventing the disease. We are the only organization in direct selling of medicines in India.  

2. We are the only organization that is providing our whole concept online. 

3. We are the only organization that is ISO and GMP certified that provides through-to
technology online training and certificate so that you can work on a certified advisor profile. 

4. We are the only direct selling company that provides a personal doctor facility that means
if people who have joined us face any health complication then they can directly have a consultation with their personal doctor. 

5. We are operating successfully from the last 41 years and have been built with many
critical conditions of patients and have successfully recovered them in a healthy state. Besides, we have self-owned hospitals and provide many other facilities that no other
organization provides to their patients. 

6. We are the only organization that is having a huge network of doctors and support teams
that no other organization has. 

7. We are the only organization that provides life backup support that means if you or your
patients face any health complications then our online doctors will provide you consultations and solutions to your problem. 

8. We are only a direct selling organization that works on a single level only and there are
no chances of fraud in our organization. If you are working you can directly earn income. 

9. We are the only organization whose huge part of income is utilized in the health services. 

10. The plans of other network marketing companies have real in fieldwork but in our marketing plan you don't need to go in the real market, you can do your work online by sitting at your home. 

11. Another network marketing company there is no emotional support or motivation is any issue in the down line of your network but in our programs we provide you full emotional, motivational support and solve all your issues that come on your way. 

12. Another organization when I keep getting people to receive their payments it comes either through cheque or they have to collect from the main branch but in our marketing plan, your income will be directly saved in your bank or your wallet. 

We have these product brands- Arogyaveda, Kayopchar, Rupam, Nutriveda, Muscleveda, and these service brands- BK Kidney Care, BK Diabetes Care, BK Heart Care, BK Cancer Care, BK Corona Care, and Kaya Mantra. 

Mission Arogyam Success Plan has been designed to be an equal business opportunity for all those people who get associated as an advisor with us. A marketing plan ensures that you earn in proportion to your efforts you've put in and provided to the benefits of pooled
income and health through Ayurveda. These incomes are further enhanced by combining the downline of your performance that it is always beneficial to create more and more Advisors in your group. As your downline becomes successful, you will also become more successful. The Arogyam Success Plan ensures a cumulative plan where you never drop from the level of achievement and keep on achieving at higher levels. 

Join us today and start earning!